Findings by Facility Type

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Facility Findings by Category

  1. Select facility type(s) to begin exploring data.
  2. Select the data collection date(s) and the number of occupations to show for the selected facility type(s).
  3. Select a question from the dropdown to view responses.
    Note that responses to the “New Occupations” question are in a separate tab above.
  4. Reasons: Click on an occupation (or Ctrl/Cmd + Click on multiple occupations). Move your cursor over the bars to see respondents’ comments (right column) or a description of the data (left column).

Changes in healthcare workforce demand can occur in the types of occupations employed and the roles they fill. The following series of questions were used to ask Sentinels to report any new occupation types they had hired in the past 6 months and to describe the roles filled by these new hires:

Did your [facility type] employ any new healthcare occupations (that you did not employ previously)? If yes, for which occupation(s)? In what roles are you using them (e.g., introduce social workers as care coordinators)?

The table below presents Sentinels’ responses. The “Facility Type” column indicates the facility that the respondent represents. “New Occupation” lists newly employed occupations, as reported by the respondent. Data analysts placed each of these New Occupations into a general occupational category to allow easier sorting, which is presented in the “New Occupation Category” column. The final column “In what roles…” contains the comments provided by each respondent to describe how each new occupation is employed.