COVID-19 Findings

The Spring 2020 Washington Health Workforce Sentinel Network added five questions about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on health care facilities’ workforce and operations (see questions listed below).
The COVID-19 WORKFORCE RAPID RESPONSE REPORTS section provides links to reports summarizing responses to these questions for a selection of facility types. Click on a facility type to see the corresponding report.
Scroll down to the COVID-19 DASHBOARD section to explore all responses (hover over the information symbol for instructions).


  • 1:   Which occupations/service roles were most affected by the COVID-19 crisis at your facility?
  • 2:  What about your facility’s staffing arrangements made it easier or harder to respond to the emergency?
  • 3/4: As a result of the crisis, what are your top workforce needs over the short and longer term that could be alleviated by new or modified policy, regulatory, and/or payment rules?
  • 5:  What additional workforce issues resulting from the COVID-19 emergency at your facility do you feel should be recognized and addressed?

COVID-19 Workforce Rapid Response Reports

Small Hospitals

Primary Care Clinics

Behavioral Health Clinics

FQHCs and Community Clinics

Dental Offices/Clinics

Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Homes/SNFs

COVID-19 Dashboard

Facility Type No. of Responses
Dentist office/dental clinic 316
Federally qualified health center (FQHC) or community clinic providing care free or on sliding fee scale 22
Nursing home or skilled nursing facility 20
Assisted living facility 19
Behavioral-mental health clinic/outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinic 19
Acute care hospital (25 beds or fewer) 14
Primary care medical clinic (not FQHC or community clinic) 13
Higher Education / Research 9
Acute care hospital (more than 25 beds) 7
Home health care service 7
Freestanding Evaluation & Treatment facility 6
Psychiatric residential treatment facility 6
School 6
Retirement community/independent living facility 5
Adult family home 4
Hospital/Clinical pharmacy 4
Mobile crisis outreach team 4
Physical and/or occupational therapy 4
Specialty (except psychiatric/substance abuse) hospital 3
Community/Retail pharmacy 2
Designated Crisis Responder (DCR) services 2
Hospice 2
Medical/diagnostic laboratory 2
Other out-of-facility behavioral health services 2
Psychiatric hospital 2
Massage therapy 1
Other residential treatment facility 1
Psychiatric unit at a community hospital 1
Public Health 1
Total facility-level responses 504

Note: there were 415 individual responses. Each respondent could select multple facility types.