COVID-19 Findings

The Spring 2020 Washington Health Workforce Sentinel Network added five questions about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on health care facilities’ workforce and operations (see questions listed below).
The COVID-19 WORKFORCE RAPID RESPONSE REPORTS section provides links to reports summarizing responses to these questions for a selection of facility types. Click on a facility type to see the corresponding report.
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  • 1:   Which occupations/service roles were most affected by the COVID-19 crisis at your facility?
  • 2:  What about your facility’s staffing arrangements made it easier or harder to respond to the emergency?
  • 3/4: As a result of the crisis, what are your top workforce needs over the short and longer term that could be alleviated by new or modified policy, regulatory, and/or payment rules?
  • 5:  What additional workforce issues resulting from the COVID-19 emergency at your facility do you feel should be recognized and addressed?

COVID-19 Workforce Rapid Response Reports

Small Hospitals

Primary Care Clinics

Behavioral Health Clinics

FQHCs and Community Clinics

Dental Offices/Clinics

Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Homes/SNFs

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